Instructor Training Testimonials

Michelle is an exceptional instructor. She is one of the best instructors I have experienced in my thirty years in the personal/group exercise/Pilates industry.

I've taken Mat 1, Mat 2, Reformer 1 and Reformer 2 training at Coreworks, and I'm happy to say that I'm glad I had the opportunity to train under Michele Brodsky. She's extremely knowledgeable, friendly, inviting, supportive, and a true pleasure to be around. The information was easy to understand, and she gave us plenty of opportunity to work with each other, and we developed a community feeling within each class. With each class I've become more confident in my ability to teach Pilates and look forward to that opportunity. I will continue the program and take Reformer 3 at Coreworks.

Sara was a fabulous instructor. She presented the material in an informative and engaging way and spent the time to address any questions I had. I really felt she went above and beyond what was expected, and the CA3 training was one of the best courses I've ever attended.

Great class. Michele is an excellent teacher and really took the time to make sure we understood the material.

Michele Brodsky at Coreworks is a amazing teacher. She is very thorough and makes sure you understand the movements completly. She is very supportive and encouraging. Balanced Body should be very proud to know that they have a excellent teacher representing them.

Michele was very helpful and supportive! She is very knowledgeable and well rounded and very passionate about what she does. True pleasure to be around and learn from, thank you!

Michelle was an excellent instructor!!! Very knowledgeable!

I really enjoyed learning from Michele B. She is a great instructor and really helped me absorb this style of teaching!

Michele is an amazing instructor. Her ability to present new material in a simple way so that your brain can process it, and your body can follow is fantastic. Her expert eye picks up on the subtle changes in our bodies, so she knows can help us with our challenges.

Instructor was fantastic. She made the entire experience a pleasure and the material accessable. She was extremely knowledgable and presented the difficult material in an easy to comprehend manner. Reformer 3 exercises can be intimidating and she was accomodating and nurturing.

Coreworks is a great training facility. Michele is very knowledgeable and genuinely offers herself as a mentor. Thanks!

Michelle Brodsky is AMAZING! I now have confidence in myself as a Pilates instructor because of her confidence in me.

The class was wonderful and really helped me to understand more about assisting customer in making their workout beneficial to them.

Michele Brodsky was absolutely a breath of fresh air. She had all the knowledge and made me want to continue my journey to becoming certified and teach as well. So calming and informative and knew the answers to A LOT of questions.

Michele combines her class with an even balance of "serious" and "humerous" which is great considering the long weekend. Great instructor!!!!

I have taken all three reformer modules with Michelle Brodsky from Coreworks in Columbia, MD. I leave each training with a wealth of knowledge. Michelle has a way about her which just captivates the audience. She has a passion for what she does and wants to share everything she knows! Each time I leave coreworks, I know so much more about myself, my current and prospective clients, and pilates. Not only does Michelle teach you the exercises, she shows you what to look for in the human body to ensure the exercise is conducted correctly. She takes her time to answer questions and gives us the time to practice! She wants pilates instructors to really take the profession seriously! I think that is very important! I especially like how Michelle gives us time to experience the exercises as a teacher, student and observer! This really helped me! I will definitely be coming back to coreworks as much as I can! There is so much more to learn and Michelle is one of the greatest resources out there!

I thought Michele was one of the best instructors I have ever had! She had me captivated from the start to the end of the weekend! She has so much knowledge and enthusiasm! I feel like I learned more about myself and my clients this weekend and can't wait for more!

Michelle's teaching style was informative and inspirational. She has the ability to be clear and direct yet kind an encouraging at the same time.

I was Certified to teach mat pilates in '05 by PHI and always felt I wanted more information. This weekend, I was able to focus on cuing and modifications as well as gaining self confidence in my knowledge base. Thank you for a well organized and presented course.