Columbia Studio Testimonials


I love taking classes at Coreworks: the teachers make me feel comfortable, and I know that they care about my well being. The teachers are all certified and in a word, they are the best. ~ Sandra H.

Pilates has really helped "my aching back."  ~ Al S. 

Coreworks is a great place to get in shape with Pilates and Yoga. The staff is wonderful and all of the fellow students are friendly and welcoming as well. If you are looking for a place to try Pilates and yoga for the first time, or just need a new place to try, Coreworks is the place! ~ Samira K.

The champion program at Teelin School of Irish Dance has grown tremendously over the past few years, and Michele and the Coreworks team have been an instrumental part of our success.  Coreworks offers a Pilates for Dancers class which provides our Teelin dancers the tools that they need to become successful champions.  Each Teelin dancer who has been a part of the Coreworks pilates program has improved dramatically in strength and flexibility, body awareness, and core stability.  In case I don't say it often enough, THANK YOU to Michele for all of her efforts in supporting our dancers.  We are looking forward to many more years of producing healthy, strong champions. ~Maureen G.

I love Coreworks! I always feel great after taking classes - it's an hour that I can focus entirely on taking care of myself physically and emotionally. The peace and quiet at the studio along with the nature of the exercise leads to contemplation and reflection. I like being able to adjust what I'm doing according to that day's needs. I like knowing that I'm not in competition with anyone and not having to worry about the latest workout fashion trend. I appreciate the warm and loving feeling I get from my instructors - regardless of how well they know me. Coreworks is such a great place - I always return home rejuvinated and revived with new energy and more patience than I had before class. ~Emily W.

Michele is very attentive to your body position to make sure you are doing things correctly. Chris & Mike both make the pilates classes fun! ~ Cara W.

I enjoy the studio environment of Coreworks particularly for pilates instruction. ~Michelle W.

I feel that the reformer/barre classes have helped to improve my back issues. The stretching, while under the supervision of the instructor, has worked well. ~Trish L.

Very professional atmosphere - classes are well timed, challenging and tortureous (in a good way). ~Iris S. 

The people at Coreworks are supportive and extremely knowledgeable. They really care about the clients. ~Heidi O. 

From the smile on the face of the person who greets you when you walk into the studio to the obvious joy the instructors show when leading a class, I have found that Coreworks is a wonderfully calming yet challenging place to workout. I love the wide variety of classes offered and the manageable class sizing. The instructors can inspire, correct and make you laugh all in the space of an hour. I always look forward to attending classes and just wish I could come more often. ~ Anonymous 

The facilities are nice, the class times are convenient, and the sign-up process is very easy. ~ Katherine D.

I love going to Coreworks for the positive atmosphere and challenging classes. No two classes are ever the same in over 5 years. They invest in new equipment and the newest in Pilates techniques. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I highly recommend them and Pilates in general. It will improve posture and strength and increase your abilities for every other type of exercise you do. ~ Maureen D.

My favorite Pilates classes-so fun and effective!

A very pleasant place to go for a workout. Great teachers and great classes! Highly recommended!

Loved my experience last night. Will definitely be returning. Great facility and wonderful staff.

The staff and instructors are all very pleasant. The instructors offer progressions/regressions so it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or experienced Pilates practitioner.

The staff and classes are wonderful. I feel like I'm receiving personal training without paying the high price. I like it so much i have signed up for more classes and can't see myself changing locations.

I was nervous about going having never done pilattes before, but the studio is fantastic, and the instructors are wonderful. I highly recommend.