Maple Lawn Gym Team


Les Raymond is a personal trainer and the director of programming at Coreworks Fitness Maple Lawn. As an advocate for mindful living, Les coaches clients on improving their quality of life by bringing more awareness to all aspects of healthy living. While movement is the focus at the gym, Les emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition, recovery, and stress management.
Cristina has been on a wellness journey since 2006, which has led to her losing 115 pounds of fat. She has been certified in HKC- Hardstyle Kettlbell, RKC--Russian Kettlebell and ACE Personal Training. Cristina focuses on building strength and conditioning through Kettlebell training. Her belief is that both men and women can benefit from train- ing with kettlebells to become fit, strong, to lose weight and live healthier and more ener- gized lives. She teaches Kettlebells at both Maple Lawn and Columbia.
Training and living a healthy lifestyle for most of his adult life, Randall is a passionate fitness professional looking to help as many people as possible. Having obtained his ACE personal training and Functional Movement Screen certifications, his focus is to use his knowledge to help clients obtain functional strength and to help educate them on the benefits of not only lifting weights, but moving well. He looks to provide a safe and effective, but fun experience for all who are willing to put in the time. Balance is his philosophy on life and his training. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or just improve your overall fitness, Randall can help get you there!
Peter became a personal trainer to help you reach your wellness goals. The focus of sessions at the gym will be developing a well-rounded program designed to help restore alignment and move more efficiently. As a personal trainer, he believes strongly in an educated exercise program that is designed to help you get the most out of life. You will be stronger, more mobile, and better able to participate in every day activities.
Peter also recognizes that the physical work that is done in the gym is just one aspect of wellness. Health is a combination of movement, nutrition, mindfulness, socialization, and recovery. While he has not specialized in all of these areas, he has dedicated the past few years building relationships with local practitioners and is happy to connect his clients with community resources to help them get the information they need.
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