has been practicing yoga since 1999 and has completed both her 500-hour
certification and prenatal yoga training. Stacee originally started her yoga practice as a way to
relieve her migraine symptoms and to reduce stress but quickly became intrigued by the many
benefits of yoga. She maintains that yoga brings a sense of serenity to her life and she’s
passionate about helping her students find that within themselves. She invites students to
combine breath and movement to invoke a powerful and transformative yoga practice. By
incorporating Sound Meditation, with the use of quartz crystal singing bowl, Himalayan
singing bowls, chimes and bells, Stacee provides a deeply relaxing experience that helps
everyone STACENTERED. Stacee currently teaches within the Baltimore- Washington area.

Stacee instructs the following:
  • Yoga and Sound Meditation
  • Prepare for complete relaxation! This dual workshop experience brings yoga and sound together to create a serene environment where you can explore a deep state of relaxation to bring about balance and peace.
    We’ll start with a gentle yoga flow using a series of slow, graceful movements to help busy minds quiet and muscle tension release. Focused breathing techniques combine with yoga poses allowing a tranquil start to your relaxation journey.  Then, settle into stillness and prepare to experience a heightened state of relaxation through Sound Meditation. Feel yourself slip into a peaceful, meditative state as the calming sound waves of crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, bells, chimes, and vocal tones surround you. 
    Participants are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing.
    This workshop is $40 (10% off automatically for all Unlimited Class and Gym Members)