About Us



To empower clients with inner strength and mindful, healing movement while challenging and educating each unique mind, body and spirit.  We are committed to working hand in hand with our clients to create health and balance through every stage of life.  Each instructor and staff member is dedicated to serving our clients’ needs through every single class, private session, and interaction.



Coreworks Fitness is a growing community of instructors, trainers, staff and students who embody the ideals of wellness. Our chief aim is to provide a compassionate and nurturing environment so every student feels safe, supported, and successful along the journey of reaching his or her individual goal.  Through our community’s passion for movement and its values we educate and restore people’s beliefs that long term health is possible for body, mind and spirit and assist in the achievement of those ideals.  



  • Quality service
  • Compassionate environment
  • Community commitment
  • Teaching excellence
  • Premier instructor education